Helping LRA Graduates to develop their portfolios free of charge!*
LRA is committed to providing excellent value and ongoing support to every LRA student and graduate, and we are always looking for ways to assist our aspiring makeup artist professionals to develop their businesses and skills.

LRA Graduates can now benefit from a free LRA Portfolio Session* when recommending new students to Lubna Rafiq Academy.

If you are an existing LRA Graduate, simply recommend an LRA course to a new applicant, and for every successful booking, we’ll give you £150.00 off an LRA Portfolio Session, and if you refer 3 new applicants who book a course each, you’ll get an entire Package 1 LRA Portfolio Session totally free of charge!


When you graduate from LRA, you become an official member of the LRA Community.

This means that whilst benefiting from affiliation and accreditation from an industry acclaimed brand, we also offer you concessions on all of our LRA Services, including: LRA Training Courses, LRA Artistry Services, Professional Portfolio Sessions.


At LRA, we are committed to providing you with even more reasons to join us, particularly over the holiday and festive periods.

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*Terms and Conditions apply, as follows:

LRA Graduates must provide the full name, telephone number, email address and home address for every new applicant that they are referring to LRA for any LRA course by email to info@lubnarafiq.com

LRA will issue an email credit voucher to the LRA Graduate who is referring a new student upon confirmation that the student is in fact a new applicant and when a confirmed booking is made by the new applicant (i.e. successful payment of a deposit for participation on an LRA course).
If the applicant that is being referred has already applied to LRA directly, the referral voucher will not be issued to the LRA Graduate who is referring the applicant, irrespective of a confirmed booking by the applicant, and the LRA Graduate will be informed about this by email.

No money or promise is to be exchanged by the LRA Graduate with the applicant on behalf of LRA. LRA will take care of all of the administrative process as always.

Each successful referral (i.e. new applicant and successful payment of a deposit for participation on an LRA course) will grant a £150.00 credit towards an LRA Portfolio Session only for the LRA Graduate referring. This credit cannot be used for any other LRA service or product, and does not have a cash redeemable value.

Every credit voucher issued to an LRA Graduate expires when it is used by the LRA Graduate, i.e. when the LRA Graduate uses the credit towards an LRA Portfolio Session. Therefore, the offer “if you refer 3 new applicants who book a course each, you get an entire PACKAGE ONE LRA Portfolio Session totally free of charge” applies if the LRA Graduate has not already used the previous two credits issued to them.

Any LRA Portfolio Session balances will need to be paid in cash on the day of the Portfolio Session to LRA directly.

Credit vouchers will be valid for use from the first day of the course that the referred applicant partakes in, up until 3 months after this date, when the voucher will expire.
Please refer to the LRA Terms and Conditions to see all other terms relating to LRA Portfolio Sessions.

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Our most popular course; the UK’s No.1 choice for hair & makeup artistry training.

One-to-One Course

For those seeking professional makeup artistry skills or for personal use

Portfolio sessions

The ultimate tool to showcase your talents to potential clients: all you need to bring is yourself!