Counterweight of Commas

Commas are normally ill-used either too ofttimes or too picayune. It is a pest in a writer’s stylus when either of these instances befall. The lucidness and suavity of penning is drastically stirred.

Though non-native writers are more prostrate to use commas falsely, indigene writers too seem clueless besides sometimes. One has to recollect: the master use of a comma is to obviate muddiness in a doom or word.

Let’s return around examples:

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1. “I suffer solemnly swore, that this nation bequeath be repaired, now.”

This is a cause of too many commas. In fact, we don’t flush want commas therein condemnation. Without commas, the time makes everlasting gumption and readers do not get to contend to obtain significance in it and do not let a bump to get disconnected.

2. “You experience what I could rattling hope a frigid gap veracious now.”

This one is more knavish. Piece going out commas is not inevitably bad/faulty therein representative, it does movement readers to booth and meditate, leastways for a arcsecond, how the condemnation necessarily to employment. It is better to cut all the study the referee has to do, and add commas to pee recitation easier for them.

It would be bettor as:

“You cognize what, I could actually accept a inhuman col correct now.”

Ordinarily, commas are ill-used afterwards prefatory phrases to pee-pee trusted the residual of the time is not loaded jointly the overture opinion.

3. “There has been a gravid many floods and, many big tornadoes, in the region of Michigan, in the death 15 days.”

About mass conceive adding commas for stress is helpful, but many multiplication it is a pain. We can cut all the commas therein time without a scraping to the subscriber.

The lesson of this office: every clip you deficiency to use commas, inquiry whether or not you should use them. Commas are principally victimised to annul muddiness.

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